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When to switch from one colony to two?

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Hi! I've got a rather large (at least I think it is....?) colony of Dubias, and I'm not entirely sure if it's time to split them up.

I've had them for about a year, but the initial count was extremely low so they're just now jumping off!

Wondering if it's time to split the adults up, or maybe adults, nymphs, and juvies?

I think my count is in the mid 300's.. not sure though!!!

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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I usually split my dubia colonies when 75 to 80 percent of all surfaces are covered with roaches. Or when it starts becoming unhealthy for the colony.

When splitting dubia colonies it's important to not give them too much space. Dubia and many other species like to be crowded. In the past, I've seen production and growth rates almost flatline when I gave them far too much space.

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Half of my dubia colony crashed just this past week (too much humidity?)... I like to split colonies as an "insurance" policy for if I screw something up. I also try not to feed the two colony halfs the same food on the same day, especially if it's an untried food source, in case I accidentally give them something with pesticide residue.

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