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Gold and Red G. portentosa morph


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I gnabbed two of these from my favorite pet store the other day.

The male isn't as red as the female, but he still has no black on him at all. It's more of a reddish brown color with a nice golden body.

She reminds me of a candy cane.

I'm pretty sure these are both G.portentosa (probably mutts, but they mostly all are.)

I set them both up in a cage all by themselves and I'm hoping that they'll make little gingery babies. :) The goal would be to have them all look more like the female.

I thought I'd share this because I feel like it's particularly rare. Am I right? I've never seen this before. I've seen a lot of colors, but not red or red and gold.

I'd love it if more people here could share some of their red morphs. I'd like to see more of these in the hobby!

The Male:


The female:




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