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Summer Sale

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Posted by DoubleDs on 6/13/2006, 2:32 am

Here it is the summer sale you were waiting for, with all your favorites on sale, from Beetle Jelly, Roaches, Phasmids and more on sale now.

The following phasmids are still available

Phaenophares Sp Thailand Sold Out

Vietnamese Walking Sticks $20 each

E. Calcaratas $30 each ONL 6 FEMALES LEFT

E. Goliath SOLD OUT

Ctenomorphodes briareus $60 each or $110 per pair

Aretaon asperrimus $40 each or $80 per pair

Dont forget were also fully stocked with Beetle Jelly, 5 cups for $7.50 your choice of flavors apple or strawberry.

Were also offering for the first time Guava seedling trees, these fruit trees are the perfect indoor outdoor food source for your phasmids and it provides a delectible fruit, These trees are $15 each.

But thats not it new summer prices on all your favorite roach species like Dubia, Laterallis, Fusca and more including a few new species.

This is it folks yoru chance to get the hot items you have been looking for.

Link: http://www.doubleds.org

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