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Need Pictures For Site


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Greetings! I am in need of a few pictures of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches for a website! I'm just more than slightly obsessed with my roaches (I'm sure anyone who's kept roaches is.) and I'd like to put a few pictures on the site. I'm also doing the site so I can practice my newly-learned HTML skillz! I, being the typical overly-obsessed teenager insect nerd, don't have a custom domain as of yet, however I would still like to make it appear as nice as possible (Even if it's a .blogspot domain, doesn't matter. Aesthetical pleasure + professional content = good website.)

So, I need a picture of several cockroaches.

- I need permission to use your pictures (I'll still credit you of course.)


- I need the picture to be of satisfactory quality (Not blurry, not grainy, good definition.)

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