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.::]1 Week Only Blowout Roach Sale[::.

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Posted by Just Bugs on 6/19/2006, 2:24 am

We are currently running a blowout special that is only going to last this week (06/19 - 06/25). This sale consists of a limited excess of roaches consisting of nothing but established & producing young adult colonies! All our roaches are fed a premium & completely organic diet in every regard. Our diet is very complex and has been thoroughly researched and tested.

Our diet consists of various fruits, veggies and mixed sprouts. That is all rounded out with our own, again all organic, dry mix of oats, hulled millet and wheat germ which is consistently mixed with whatever else is available, at the time, from our local organic market. We blend several different varieties which we cold store and switch up consistently as to provide the most varied diet possible. On top of this we supply a steady mixture of ingredients from the ww.adcham.com dry mix.

Our diet has been significantly researched to achieve a fully balanced and complete diet that provides the healthiest, as well as, most prolific colonies anywhere! Furthermore, we consistently import and trade for fresh bloodlines to add to our already strong genetics. This is extremely important as a means to keep all our colonies very strong and prolific!

What is currently available is as follows:

Blaptica dubia – (Orange Spotted Roach) - [NON-CLIMBER]

..::]well established & producing young adults[::..

10 - $35 Shipped

25 - $65 Shipped

50 - $90 Shipped

75 - $115 Shipped


Blaberus fusca/craniifer Hybrid – (Hybrid Roach) - [NON-CLIMBER]

..::]well established & producing young adults[::..

10 - $22.50 Shipped

25 - $45 Shipped

50 - $70 Shipped

Although these are a hybrid; they are our favorite feeder roach for numerous reasons. We have found them to be one of the most prolific out of all those we maintain in conjunction with the fastest maturation rate form the genre Blaberus and Eublaberus.


Blaberus giganteus – (Giant Cave Roach) - [NON-CLIMBER]

..::]well established & producing young adults[::..

These are currently available in very limited numbers!

10 - $40 Shipped

25 - $70 Shipped

Shipping is done via USPS Priority as long as the in transit temperatures are satisfactory (40 - 80 degrees) for this shipping method. If an alternative shipping method is required or desired, the buyer will be responsible for the difference. Furthermore, we DO NOT guarantee live arrival, using USPS Priority, if the temperatures in transit are not within our acceptable range of 40 - 80 degrees.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or if you would like more detailed information on any of the roaches we currently have available. Also, please be sure to check out our website, http://www.justbugs.com!

-Just Bugs Staff


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Posted by Just Bugs on 6/21/2006, 11:06 pm, in reply to ".::]1 Week Only Blowout Roach Sale[::."

Please note that these are well established and producing young adults; no nymphs here at all! Furthermore, our reputation for generous overcounts apply to this sale also!

We would like to thank everyone for their orders thus far! Act now as they are going fast and these will be the last producing adults we will sell.

Many thanks,

-Just Bugs Staff

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