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Hi. I'm from Fortaleza, Brazil. English isn't my first language, but I think it won't be a problem. I like animals, video games, and bad movies. Currently I'm not raising any kind of cockroach (well, at least not intentionally...), but in the near future it will change.

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Welcome! :) What type of roaches do you plan on getting? I'm sure there are some really cool native ones around you! Hope you enjoy the forum!

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Well, unfortunately, this hobby is very, very obscure here, much more than in the US or in Europe. I managed to find, after a lot of searching, a guy who sells common hissers.

There are cool native cockroaches here, sure. For example, some kind of Blaberus used to be common in the garden of my uncle, but they disappeared after he used pesticides to kill the caterpillars that were destroying his plants. I've seen green banana roaches a few times, too.

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Well so far it seems that Brazil you have:

Blaberus chacoensis

Eublaberus sp. “Pantanal”

Euphyllodromia sp

Lucihormetica fenestrata

Phortioeca phoraspoides

Possibly Paratropes sp

Possibly Megoloblatta sp

And probably hundreds more, that list is just what I've found in 15 minutes of searching the web.

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I'd rather not collect wild roaches. Our laws regarding this sort of stuff are rather obtuse, sadly. Also, I don't want to potentially bring home mites and other nasty parasites from wild roaches, which could potentially contaminate my future hisser colony.

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