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Shredded paper as substrate ?


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This is from a website about pet mice, but it's probably relevant here too:

Shredded Paper

Shredded paper has the absolute lowest risk of allergies of all kinds of bedding available. It is also the cheapest bedding you will find. You can even pick up old newspapers from your local distributor for free. Buying computer paper in bulk is not very expensive either. When using shredded paper it is important to check any ink that may be on the paper. Black ink on US Newspapers is safe (we can not verify if colored ink is safe at this time). Newspaper ink is soybean based. Ink from computers is different however. These are generally toxic and should not be used. Always check the ink package before use. You needn't freeze or bake paper before use as there is little to no risk of parasites. There is also less risk of other nasties, such as fungi. Shredded paper is a great addition to other beddings as well. It expands other beddings, making them go further. It also adds enrichment for the mice. Shredded paper (especially long strips or crumpled paper) puffs out, making tunneling easier for the mice. Many mice also seem to prefer shredded paper to anything else for nesting material. The downfalls to shredded paper are that it can be time consuming to shred depending on your shredder, it needs to be changed more often than some other beddings, and it does not eliminate odor as well as nearly all other types of bedding. A cosmetic downfall to shredded paper is ink from newsprint rubbing off. This is not a problem with plain paper, however.


So my guess is that it won't harm the roaches, but I don't know how long the paper will last, with all the moisture, etc.

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