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Cockroaches wanted

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Posted by Kevin on 7/11/2006, 8:46 am

Looking for the following cockroaches, if you have them for sale, or know somewhere/one that has, or can get them, please email me at pandatazz@yahoo.co.uk

Must be able to send to the UK, and preferably accept paypal

All Lucihormetica sp.

All Deropeltis sp.

All Panesthia sp.

Gromphadorhina oblongonata

Ergaula capucina

Therea petiveriana

Therea sp "grandjeani"

Eurycotis opaca

V Horn Hissers

Polyphaga sausserey

Opisthoplatia orientalis

Salganea taiwanensis

Blaberus parabolicus

Blaberus boliviensis

Other species also considered


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