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Blattella lituricollis

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  • 2 months later...

Whelp....I don't think I'll be able to breed this species. Females kept aborting oothecae within two weeks of laying, and embryos never developed. Seems that two males I had in there were sterile :(

How's that even possible? That sucks, perhaps there is one or two ootheca that escaped your attention and will hatch... that would be nice. Sorry to hear the news, it sucks to fail at breeding a species. :(

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IKR? It puzzles me :( I still have the females so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed

Well I hope they you can get some fertile ootheca out of them. Maybe try feeding them some fruit? It helps with live bearing species, maybe it will help these guys?

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Thanks :) I've actually given fruit to them before and it didn't help :(

Oh well, I got my fingers crossed that they'll reproduce for you!

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