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Fs: Pop Up mesh Cages, Roaches and more

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Posted by DoubleDs on 7/18/2006, 10:05 pm

pOp Up mesh cages, These cages are 45cmx45cmx45cm.Now available for $20.

Dont forget our new High protein beetle jelly made with real tree sap for added protein and vitamins, 6 count $10.

But thats not all, we are now offering Guave tree seedlings, these plants are fully rooted and ready to be placed into the ground our your favorite plant pot for year round succulent leaves, only $15 per seedling tree.

And dont forget we have reduced prices on all your favorite feeder roaches.

Laterallis 100 count $10

Craniifer black wing 20 count $25

Craniifer European strain 15 count $20

B. Dubia 100 count $35

P. Nnivea 100 count $25

E. Distanti 20 count $20

And much more, But you have to see it to believe me.

Check us out

Double D's


Link: http://www.doubleds.org

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