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La Cucaracha

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Hello all. I use water gel crystals for my Hisser water supply. I have a large terrarium in which the temp is maintained around

88 degrees F. I found that the water gel in the bowl tended to evaporate fairly quickly due to the high temp, thus requiring frequent replenishing. So I had an idea. I purchased a small auto-waterer from the pet section at Walmart. I filled the tank and the bowl with water gel.The gel in the bowl remained moist due to the capillary action between the tank and bowl. When the bowl became empty the bugs could still obtain water from the opening at the base of the tank.

Great if you're going away for a long holiday. If you don't want to use gel, just fill the bowl up with pebbles to prevent drowning and add water to the tank.


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I have a plastic deli cup with a hole in the lid and a piece of clothes line rope threw the lid to wick water. Ive only used it for my beetles but I might start doing it for my roaches to. :) I like all the other ideas to.

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