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Eurycotis decipiens( Zebra roach)

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Hi Everyone!

I recently got some really cool roaches for my Birthday that I've been wanting for a while, Zebra roaches! Here are some really nice pictures I took of them! :) Hope you guys enjoy! :)


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They are beautiful! Hope they grow and breed for you :)

Thanks! :) I hope they do well too, would be really nice to get a nice big colony of these guys!

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What is the care like for these guys? I've heard their good climbers so what barrier do you use or if any at all?

It tells a bit about their care on Kyle's site, but they basically like a good amount of heat and humidity, so they shouldn't have too much ventilation, their substrate should be kept moist and a mix of coconut fiber and dead leaves is fine for these guys, although if you want a really good substrate you could have a mix of coconut fiber, coconut coir, NZ sphagnum moss, cypress mulch, and dead leaves. I just have some coconut fiber and dead leaves as their substrate right now but will add some cypress mulch today. Kyle site says they like it 75-85 degrees, and like moist air and substrate.

They are very good climbers, so I have them in a 20 qt gaket box steralite container, which has an airtight seal so it is pretty much escape proof for almost any species. But since it's airtight, you obviously need some ventilation, I poked 5 1/3 inch air holes on both ends of the container which gives a good amount of ventilation without over doing it. I hot glued some pretty fine metal mesh over the holes on the outside of the container. But recently I had one escapee, it must have been able to fit through one of the ventilation holes and broke through the hot glue holding the mesh over the holes, or it may have possibly escaped when I opened up their container one of these times, but I'm not too sure. If you want to ensure no escaping you should hot glue around the holes and in between the holes to make sure that the mesh will not unstick from the container and rub petroleum jelly inside the container around the ventilation holes. You could alternitively add holes to the top of the container too make it ultra escape proof but that would create less air flow than on the sides of the container.

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