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Elliptorhina javanica Climbing Abilities

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I recently moved my Elliptorhina javanica (Which still haven't bred for me!) from a Kritter Keeper into a Sterilite plastic shoe box, and I noticed something interesting about their behavior. They were able to climb the hard plastic of the KK, and I'm sure they can make it up glass, but the had extreme difficulty making it up the sides of the shoe box. The shoe box is made of a softer plastic, and they just could not get a grip! I thought I'd share this, because it may help to contain them if they're kept in a container made of soft plastic, like most Sterilite bins.

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I love my javanica. Mine are in a glass aquarium, some how one of the nymphs always seems to make it across the vasoline. Sneaky little things.

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