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Soft wings on nascent adult giant peppered hissing roach


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The first of 8 nymphs I have recent matured to adulthood. All seemd fairly normal at first except one of the "under wings" was a bit malformed and sticking out slightly, but it didn't look as if it was really bothering the roach. A day later I noticed that the wings still feel very soft, much softer than I remember when I handled an adult about half a year ago. Is it normal for the wings to take over a day to harden?

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Just wanted to follow up to my own question. It appears to be totally normal! It takes a few days for the wings (and exoskeleton, I suppose) to completely harden.

Glad to hear that! I don't know about Archimandrita tesselata, but Blaberus wings take a few days to harden and darken up completely, good to know the same goes for that genus.

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