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Telling gender on Therea spieces

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I just had 4 domino roaches mature and i took each out and looked at them but they all look like males. Is it common for one gender to mature faster then anouther? Any link or pics? I tryed to search gender on the forum and the word se x is blocked. Which i feel is an oversite since it means the same as gender. A search for female turned up top view pics. :( Also what is the term for iding gender based on underside last segement shape? Im a lil frazzled since these all look male. :( Pretty sure i have 3 more nymphs about to be adults i will take them out tomorrow to see if they are girls.

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Therea sp. can have a male:female ratio of 10:1 sometimes. You can sex therea by looking at their antennae. Males have longer hairy antennae, (supposedly for detecting pheromones put of by the female) while females have short straight antennae. I don't know how to ventrally sex Polyphagids.

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Sexing Corydiids/Polyphagids ventrally is quite easy, the adult female's last segment is very large and has a noticeable bulge, whist the male just has two small segments.

See here:


The female has one big last segment, and the male just has two small ones. Hope this helps! :)

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