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So i want to hear of other places on the net for bug lovers to buy and sell.

(I have some serious expences comeing up and not as much luck selling as tradeing. I also want to find new places to buy)

For forums i use:




This one of course

For classifieds i use:

Fauna classifieds


When buying from shops i check out




So what else is out there thats more bug/insect oriented then arachnid focused.

Let me here some thoughts this is gonna be a fun thread :)

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Seems like you got all the usual places covered, there's also Reign of invertebrates. And, if you are willing to buy from overseas, some cool roach vendors like Zoo Centre and Shaben-Spinnen.de will ship to the US.

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Thanks Sleepy Lemur its a good group i may have to try posting there soon :) im gonna chack out roach paradise :)

Thanks hisserdude ive been wanting to find places abroad that ship to the states im gonna have fun looking threw there :)

New places are so much fun :)

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I'm glad I found this thread.  Because I have not heard from Kyle yet, I've been looking at other sources.

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