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Posted by lisa on 8/21/2006, 1:21 pm

Sorry, but I am not a roach enthusiast, but I have searched the internet over and over for info on this subject matter. I have read that (German) roaches have, or leave, an unpleasant odor. My husband and I just bought our 1st house, and it is infested with German ones. Well, the question is: There is a lingering nasty odor in the kitchen, near the sink, under sink, and in cabinets. It is kind of an intense, "musty, moldy, strong" smell. Sometimes it is worse than others. I have doused with bleach, Lysol, and ect., and smell still comes back. We are utilizing kitchen areas due to the fact that it stinks and we will be tearing kitchen out to replace with new. This is the only area in house that stinks like this. Could it be the roach "odor" that I am smelling?

I would be grateful in any help.



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