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Assassin Bug questions


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 I have been thinking about adding another invert to my slow grow collection. I have a lot of Eublaberus sp. pantanal and Elliptorhina javanica to go around and thought a colony of assassins would enjoy eating them. I have a 20 gallon high fish tank with hisser proof screen lid that will soon be free. From what I've seen on here they seem pretty straight forward. Anyone care to enlighten me? 

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Which species were you thinking? Platymeris are easy to get a hold of, hardy as all get out, and look great. They would also have no problem with your excess roaches. The only issue you could run into is that nymphs tend to be somewhat cannibalistic, but with plenty of hiding spots and food it's pretty minimal. @Cariblatta lutea would know a lot more than I would though :) 

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