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2. Blattodea Culture Group Meeting

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Posted by I. Fritzsche on 8/19/2006, 1:15 am

The 2. European Blattodea Culture Group Meeting will be held on Sunday 1st October at the Natural History Museum in London, England.

11.00 am the meeting will be beginning.

Some talks are given:


- Care and culture of Archiblatta hoeveni.

- Ecological behavioural at Amazonian cockroaches

and many more!!

special guest: L. Anisuitkin (Russia), the roach-expert for the Epilamprinae.

Display for exchange free of charge livestocks!

BCG members will be able to obtain livestock of cockroaches free of charge from the Livestock Coordinator, who has a huge range of different cockroach species in culture.

Hope to see you there.

I. Fritzsche


Link: http://www.bcg-online.com

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Posted by I. Fritzsche on 9/2/2006, 11:10 am, in reply to "Re: 2. Blattodea Culture Group Meeting"

Dear Bri,

we are overworked. So many questions and wanteds are coming in, it isn't possible to answer anybody just in time.

We need also a cooperation by the breeders. Not all species are available at present.

Please remeber, we have to exchange, and don't send our stocks out to anybody how asked us. (May you send us our species list, than we can see, which kind of species is possible for an exchange.

see you

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Posted by I. Fritzsche on 9/13/2006, 10:30 pm, in reply to "Re: 2. Blattodea Culture Group Meeting"

Invitation to the Second European Meeting of the

Blattodea Culture Group (B.C.G.)

Sunday 1st October 2006, 10.30am

in the

Dorothea Bate Room, The Natural History Museum, London

We would like to invite you to attend the second meeting of the BCG. Please arrive at the museum after 10 AM and enter via the main Cromwell Road entrance. For directions to the Dorothea Bate Room ask at the reception desk to the left as you come into the museum. There is a bell outside the room which you should ring and someone will let you in. If you have any problems finding the rooom then please phone Judith Marshall on 020 7942 5610.


10.30am - 12.00am INFORMAL GATHERING

12.00am - 1.30pm Talks (20 minutes each) as follows:-


Keeping and rearing Archiblatta hoevenii from Malaysia

Darren MANN (Oxford University Museum of Natural History, UK)

Cockroaches in Borneo

Ingo FRITZSCHE (Max-Planck-Institut, Germany)

Observations on cockroaches in Central Amazonia.

George BECCALONI (The Natural History Museum, London, UK)

The Blattodea Species File: An online catalogue of world cockroaches.

1.30pm - 2.30pm LUNCH (bring packed lunch or buy locally)

2.30pm - 3.00pm LIVESTOCK EXCHANGE (please bring your surplus livestock packaged to give away)


Best wishes,

Ingo FRITZSCHE Dipl.-Ing. (BCG Chairman)

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