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One of these is not like the others

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I recently purchased some Blaberus craniifer nymphs, and all are healthy and growing nicely, but one looks a bit different. Most are oval-shaped, not particularly shiny, have checker-stripes all the way across their abdomens, and are fairly plump. The outlier is almost completely round, very shiny, has markings only around the outside of its abdomen, and is flat despite usually hiding under something right next to the food. Also, it's more skittish than the rest. The other nymphs its size will sit semi-calmly in my hand, the outlier won't hold still or tolerate being in the light. 

Is this just an oddly flat nymph, or could it possibly be a different variety? 

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That's what a recently molted Blaberus nymph looks like, nothing to worry about. :) Takes them a little while to eat enough to get plump again, and they eventually lose that shiny look too.

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How long does it take for them to fatten up? I could swear this one was like that when I got them last month, and I thought it looked like that last week, but I suppose I could have been mistaking different newly molted ones for the same one. 

These guys are turning out to be really cool. They'll already sit on my hand and not try to escape, can't wait until they're big and showy. 

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