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Isopod importation from country of origin?

Josh M.

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I have the opportunity to import several exotic isopods that aren't in the trade yet that I'm aware of....  I've searched, emailed numerous people and made a dozen plus calls and have yet to get a straight answer! The exporters just say it's fine on their end... Anyone know the laws and hopefully can provide a link with a concise answer?

I'll attach a few pics and by no means are they the nicest of what I have available to me! There's two spiny species from Tanzania that put these two to shame! ;)

Many thanks for your time and info!




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I can pretty much guarantee you'd need a permit to do it legally, but I'm not sure of the specific law off the top of my head. There can be some variation in state by state laws as well. I'll see if I can find any of that and post it here though. Very neat species!

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