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First post of a new roach farmer


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I'm currently raising  Dubia and Blaberus hybrid culture. I had to make a second bin for the dubia because there are so many! I just got the blaberus at the local reptile expo, a couple adults and large nymps 10 in total. I got my dubia at the reptile expo 6 months ago, I got 10 adult females 5 male and 200-300 mixed small nymphs. I had nothing to feed them to but was curious about dubia roaches and just the fact that I could own a colony of something. Once the colony really started taking off I decided I need something to feed them too, so I got a bearded dragon! Then a tokay gecko! then a crested and gargoyle geckos but they hardly eat em. I love reptiles and always loved the idea of having frogs and lizards and other insectivores but hated buying and keeping crickets. So I've only kept snakes for the last 10 years I guess that's partially why I was so curious about the dubia roaches. 

5. Are there any specific roach questions that you would like to ask the community? Tons of questions for the future.

6. How did you find our community? Lots of my google searches ended up here.



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Welcome to the forum, you'll find tons of knowledge on keeping both feeder and pet roaches here, hope your new acquisitions do well for you! :)

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