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New enthusiast from Malaysia


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Hello guys, I've been a silent lurker around these parts for some time now that I've decided to show myself. haha

Been interested in roaches ever since  I started raising dubias for over a year, now with four bins filled with thriving citizens ( they eat way too friggin much!! haha)

For starters, I'm new to the hobby but I'm looking forward to learn more from everyone here, widen knowledge and really hoping to expand the list of roach species under my care at the moment. Cheers 

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Welcome to the forum Izhizm! :) Wow, Malaysia, there are lots of really cool roach species that live there, including the species that's on everyone's wishlist, the dream species, Archiblatta hoeveni! :D

Hope we can answer any questions you may have, and I hope you are able to add some really cool roaches to your collection!

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Eyy cheers man,  feeling welcome already ~

I'm from the eastern side of the country, the tropical island of Borneo-side of the country,  the bigass island with the dog face? yep that's the one!  And that means that the critters here are different from what you find in the Peninsular part of Malaysia. Yeh and speaking of roaches, mann I can't wait for the end- year holidays just to have a looksee in the forest here just to see what peculiar six legged things i can find. haha 


Now that i have dubias, now i realised how badly i desire a starter colony of orangeheads and discoids. lool

Cheers guys, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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