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Hello from Austria


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Hi everyone

my name is Manuel an I live in Austria.

I absolutely love animals, I have a dog, reptiles and predatory fish.

I also keep and breed various invertebrates. At first, I bred roaches only as feeders, but quickly learned to love their interesting behaviour and appearance. I currently only breed Gyna caffrorum and Therea olegrandjeani, but hope to get more species very soon.

What can I say? I think, I got addicted to roaches already.... damn it's always the same..:rolleyes:

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Hi Manuel,

I also keep Gyna caffrorum and Therea olegrandjeani, so I can perfectly understand why you started to like roaches. :)

Have you ever seen your caffrorums fly? I was told they are capable of flying, but I've never actually seen them doing so.

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Welcome to the forum Manuel! :)

This hobby is pretty dang addictive, I'm sure you'll end up with a bunch more species pretty soon! Those are both nice species, I have T.olegrandjeani too, (as well as T.petiveriana and T.regularis) and they are so pretty as adults, too bad they don't live too long though. 

Hope we'll be able to answer any questions you may have! :D

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