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L. verrucosa males

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Hi I just got a few Lucihormetica verrucosa.

But I apparently have more males than females. Should I seperate most males (except maybe 2) from the "main colony" to prevent them from fighting too much?

Or should I just let them be?


Sorry if this question is a bit stupid, but I usually prefer to have more females than males.

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1 hour ago, Manuel_P said:

Thanks, I will let them stay with the others then.

I was just thinking about seperating them, because 2 of the males were already fighting while I was unboxing them.

They may fight a little bit, kinda like the Madagascan hissers, but from what I've heard they seldom actually harm each other, (unlike Blaberus giganteus males that will tear each other's legs off when fighting). 

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