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Symploce morsei

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26 minutes ago, Cariblatta lutea said:

IKR? We've been getting some really cool stuffs lately! Hopefully Kyle will be having some cool stuffs available on his website soon! 

Yeah, I'm really itching to get some new roach species (and get new individuals of the species I've failed breeding this year), hopefully by the time I've moved his site will be updated! 

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15 hours ago, Cariblatta lutea said:

Just saw a female laying an ooth! 

On a side note, here's a link to fantastic pics of morsei in the wild, taken by the member Hydrophilus :) 


Yay, congrats, hope you end up with a bunch of babies soon! :) Yeah, saw those pics on Bugguide, love the nymphs, they are beautiful!

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