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A clip from AZ trip

Cariblatta lutea

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57 minutes ago, Psydeus565 said:

Were the spoils worth it? Any species worth mentioning?

I had a blast on this trip! Found tons of cool bugs out there and I really enjoyed hanging out with bug friends :)


There are too many to list so I'll just list some of my fav. finds :

Roaches :

Arenivaga sp.

Myrmecoblatta sp.

Latiblattella lucifrons

Parcoblatta notha

Possible black Shelfordella lateralis

Tarantulas :

Aphonopelma chalcodes

Aphonopelma cf. hentzi

Aphonopelma cf. madera

Aphonopelma sp. "Rodeo"

Orthoptera :

Dactylotum bicolor

Neobarrettia spinosa

Neobarrettia victoriae

Mantid :

Stagmomantis californica

Stagmomantis gracilipes

Stagmomantis limbata

Litaneutria cf. obscura

Iris oratoria

Yersiniops sp.


Centipedes :

Scolopendra heros "héros" and "arizonensis"

Scolopendra polymorpha

Scolopendra polymorpha "Sky Island Blue"

Beetles :

Megasoma punctulatus

Hemiphileurus illatus

Strategus aloeus

Strategus cessus

Chrysina gloriosa

Chrysina lecontei

Chrysina beyeri


Millipedes :

Hiltonius sp.

UnIDed species that somewhat resemble Tylobolus but thin and long

Assassins :

Apiomerus flaviventris

Apiomerus spissipes

Apiomerus longispinis

Zeluroides americanus

Phymata sp.

Possible Rocconota sp.

Isopods :

Venezillo arizonicus

Possible Platyarthrus sp.

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2 hours ago, Cariblatta lutea said:

Ah...that hat is from Chiricahua Desert Museum. They had several varieties of hats including Scolopendra heros, Aphonopelma sp, etc...

Awesome! I'll have to pay that museum a visit if my dream of taking a trip to Arizona ever comes true.

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