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B. lateralis female heavy?


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Second time this year I've ended up with only adult females in my colony and not a male in sight. Any one else have this problem with their Turkistan roaches?

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4 hours ago, charzard said:

Fascinating, I didn't know that! Really interesting!

Yep!  In leopard geckos, for example, if the eggs are incubated below about 83 degrees, almost all of the hatchlings will be female.  Between 84-86ish, there'll be a mix of genders, and above 86, almost all of the hatchlings will be male.  Often if the "wrong" gender is hatched at a given temperature, they'll display adult behavior of the opposite gender and be either infertile, or at least uninterested in the opposite gender.  I've hatched "hot" females before, and it's pretty interesting watching them grow up to posture like males.

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