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Another Hello from Colorado


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Hello fellow creepy crawly enthusiast!

I am getting back into the hobby after several years of being away; it is a long story for another day. I have a colony of Gromphadorhina that is set up in a 10 gallon aquarium that I keep at around 80-82 degrees. Right now I am in the hobby for behavioral studies and breeding as pets; looking for size, coloration, overall health, that sort of thing. I know there is a negative stigma to them but my roaches are highly hybridized. They were from a reptile store being sold as feeders so lord knows how many generations ago it started. That being said I don't know that hybrid roaches are necessarily "bad" for the hobby; they may not be as vibrant but I have gotten some really cool pattern and color combinations out of them. On the flip side selling hybrids as purebred is wrong and should never happen.... In fact one day I want several breed specific colonies and Id be very upset if I ended up with a hybrid in one. 

Anywho... I look forward to speaking with and learning from you guys!

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Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it here! :D

I honestly have no problems with hybrids themselves, what I do hate though is that they are almost always mislabeled and sold as pure stock, which in turns makes pure stock rarer and harder to find. :( Almost all G.portentosa stocks are hybrids nowadays, which is a real shame.

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