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Princisia mites - friend or foe?

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I got a group of P. vanwaerebeki "Big" today. I just noticed that the bigger ones all have mites on their body. relatively big mites, to be exact.
They are brown and move around a bit, some are stationary.
The mites are bigger and darker than the ones pictured in this thread

Well, I know that "Princisia" and Gromphadorrhina sp. often have symbiotic mites on them, which apparently even prolong their lifespan..

Now I´m wondering, what are these?
Parasites? Symbionts?
And what should I do to remove them (if parasitic)?
Will post pics tomorrow

Can anyome of you please post a picture of the symbiotic mites please? I can´t seem to find any good ones
Sorry if it´s obvious, but none of my roaches had mites until now, not even the other hissers..

Well, I just found a pic online, they look like an Androlaelaps sp. Should I still remove them?

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They're actually commensal mites, meaning the mites get a benefit but are neither beneficial nor detrimental to their host.  I personally dislike them and get rid of them, but I've never had allergic issues to my hissers.  Some people have issues with the fungi that hissers apparently host and that's what these mites reduce.  From what I've been able to ascertain, aside from a reduction in these fungi, there's no noticeable difference in life expectancy or health of a hissing roach colony with or without their mites.

Granted, the knowledge I've picked up regarding these mites has been through internet searches and only 2 different colonies of hissers that I've had personal experience with, neither of which was princisia.  Maybe the more experienced keepers here will have different insight more specific to your roaches.

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Like @CritterChick said, they are commensal mites, they are harmless to the roaches and in fact clean them of certain fungi, TBH they aren't extremely beneficial to roaches or anything, but they certainly aren't harmful either. If I were you, I'd just leave them on the hissers. :)

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I've rinsed them off under the tap with lukewarm water.  The roaches aren't real thrilled about the idea, but come out of it none the worse for wear.  Of course, I've only ever had to do this with new arrivals, so a handful at a time.  If I had a fully established colony, it probably wouldn't be worth the effort.

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