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I did a colony cleaning for my hisders and found lots-o-babies; I hand counted 60 but I know there were a few that I couldn't get to. I did a quick sweep 2 days prior so I am sure they were born within 48 hours. That would be a very large litter for one female so my guess is there are at least 2 litters born around the same time.

In the last month I have had an aborted ootheca and 2 adult deaths so seeing all the newbies was a relief.

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That's cool to find so many at once. I hope it helps keep your interest strong and your spirits up, especially after your recent loss with Mr House. It proves that you're keeping them all "just right," too.

My Aeluropoda insignis surprised me how fast they could reproduce. They went from two to tons within a few months! I imagine most hissers are about the same! Congrats! 

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Glad to hear about the babies Marrader21, especially after the disappointments you've had with your hissers. 

I know exactly how you feel as it was the same sense of relief for me when two of my females gave birth successfully within a couple of days of each other after several aborted ooths and deaths, so congratulations on all the little ones! I hope they all do well for you - all 60 plus of them!!! :-) 

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I appreciate the encouraging words guys, but I have more good news.

I woke at 630 this morning and found my largest female sitting in the water bowl; when I took a closer look I found that she was giving birth! This is a big deal for me cuz I have never seen a birthing happen live and I got to study how they behave as a new borns... fascinating stuff!

 I was able to count about 40 nymphs but again there were more I couldn't get a count of. I snapped a quick photo before heading off to work; I'll try to remember to post the pic later tonight.

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