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Cleaner crew for dry substrate?

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Just wondering whether it was possible to get some sort of "cleaner crew" to eat up the frass / shed skins etc. in a dry substrate - all the ones I've read about (isopods, springtails) seem to need moist substrate, but I keep my hissers on completely dry coco coir. I mist the enclosure walls and cork bark regularly to keep the humidity up but this does not wet the substrate and as I understand it isopods and springtails won't survive in that sort of environment. 

Any ideas for other cleaners? Or do I simply have to change the substrate regularly to make sure it doesn't get too rank? 

I'm UK based, so they must be available here or from Europe at least.

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Hello BlattaAnglicana,

with ovoviviparous species you are able to use Lesser Worms (Alphitobius diaperinus) and Dermestes maculatus. However you have to be carefull with both of them (specially with Dermestes maculatus), because if you let increase to much their population, and the resources over the substrate are not enough; they could attack your hissers during their molting process. So it's necessary to remove some adult beetles every some while ;) 

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