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Same set up for different roaches?

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Posted by Opha on 11/14/2006, 12:15 am

hello i was wondering what you guys think of this setup. I basicly have the same setup for 5 different colonies of roaches. It is simply a large 3 gallon container with a removable lid. A hole is cut into the lid and mesh is replaced. The bottom is filled with about 3 inchs of rabit pellet and a handful of high protein rodent pellets are added. egg crates are standing vertical and some veggies are added every few weeks to each tub. We have hissers, discoids, lobsters and latteralis all on this set up. We do not add water or water gels at all and the lab is very dry, often drying up other enclosures. Should this set up work fairly well with each of these species and is there anything i should look out for?


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