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Wood and plants for roaches


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Over the next few days I'll be cutting down some maple, box elder, and mulberry saplings. I plan on saveing some of these to use in my roach bins since i think all are ok for them. I also need to cut back some blackberry canes, honeysuckle, and roses are all of these ok to feed to roaches?


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Hi, I have had luck with most of my colonies as far as feeding leaves goes, but the wood needs to be very well rotted if roaches are to feed on it. Not all species need it but those that do will benefit from rotting fallen leaves added to the substrate, not fresh or dried leaves plucked from a living tree in springtime. Apologies if this is not what you were asking, it may help myself and other posters to know what species you want the leaves and wood for. 

All the best from Bill. 

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I would tend to leave them rotting on a heap before adding them to the roach bins here. Kind of partly decomposing then first. 
But I couldn't find evidence indicating that fresh (or dried fresh) leaves are harmful. So you millage may vary and perhaps it will work just fine. 
You could keep us updated on your experiences! 

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