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My Roach Enclosure!!!!


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It would be nice if we could see the pictures without needing an account on Avianavenue.... 
Can't you upload them here? 

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Ah, okay. There are a couple of options you could try, singly or together.


Firstly, edit the photos to reduce the file size. In my experience even phone cameras today take unnecessarily huge photos, which nobody seems to notice as they swipe them onto their instabooks and facegrams, dagnabbit. If you can upload the photos onto a PC or laptop, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a great, free program, kinda like photoshop lite. I've used it for years for tweaking photos. For your purposes, you can reduce the file size by using the crop, resize image, and 'export as --> jpg' functions.

Otherwise, I quite like the Photo Editor app for my android devices. Same thing: crop, resize, sharpen if necessary, save as jpg. (Most photos should already be jpg format, but anyway) For Apple devices, I have no idea. I imagine they have versions of GIMP and Photo Editor too.


Secondly, image hosting. I can empathise if you're not on facebook - I've avoided it so far, though resistance is crumbling. There are other sites to host photos - photobucket, imageshack, imgur, flickr, etc. I've only had experience with imageshack and flickr, and I use the latter at the mo. It's a bit hiccupy, trying to grab photo links with third-party android browsers, but otherwise works well for me. If you happen to have a yahoo account, you'll have a flickr account.

I'd assume most hosts will give you a bbcode link to your uploaded photos; one with the image tags - {img} {/img} but with square brackets - already wrapped around it. Otherwise, copy and paste the address of the photo (should end with the file format, like .jpg or .png) and type in the tags yourself, or use the handy 'insert other media' button in the bottom right of Allpet Roach's message reply window.


And that should do it.:)

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