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Mixing different kinds of MHC?

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1 hour ago, lbrit17 said:

Just a random question, since they're the same .. species?.. but different colors, hybrids I guess can they be kept together?

Hybrids, sure, why not, but please don't mix pure stocks.

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4 hours ago, lbrit17 said:

Whats the difference...and what's a pure stock?

Different species within the genus Gromphadorhina can hybridize with each other, so please don't keep individuals of different species like G.portentosa, G.grandidieri or G.oblongonata with each other unless they are all males, otherwise you'll create hybrids, which the hobby has too much of right now. As it is, many "G.portentosa" stocks are actually hybrids, and thus REAL G.portentosa are actually becoming rare in the hobby. :(

Also, Gromphadorhina and "Princisia" can breed together as well, so don't keep those two genera together. Different Elliptorhina species can probably breed with each other too, (but not with Gromphadorhina), so don't keep multiple Elliptorhina species together either. Aeluropoda insignis can't breed with any other hisser species though, so you can breed those in the same enclosures as other hissers. 

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