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I find the darkling Coniontis? sp!

Guest AlexW

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Anyone know why I'm having trouble locating "wild" specimens? I only find them alive in spiderwebs/pools. Flipping objects in various garden areas has only turned up silverfishes, earwigs, and two dead coniontises, but they may ignore rocks and burrow when sleeping. Looking around in potential leaflittered garden areas when the pet specimen is awake seems ineffective as well.

(Advice for hunting other darkling beetles or insects could be useful)

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They may live in tunnels, I don't really know. You could take a flash light and search around at night they could be more active then. Also you should post some on beetle forum you may get more responses 

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I can't use beetle forum right now because of computer security issues; I used to be a resident. And keep in mind that I already searched at night (= when pet specimen is awake)

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