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I "sell" Cotinis (not really, but sort of)

Guest AlexW

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I would be interested in buying some Cotinis Nitida and...

Well, I can't literally catch them for you @Redmont, but seeing that you live in Nebraska....

Bugguide states nitida lives in Nebraska on the info page, but it also says NE is the edge of its range.

Have you ever seen wild Cotinis flying over your head and around you? If so, see this if you haven't already.

I can offer you some more advice on bagging one in the wild, if that isn't enough. Cotinis mutabilis is quite common in CA around my yard and is nearly identical.

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I've only seen one around hear, They arnt very comon I'm more so acquiring different beetle species as dead stock it doesn't matter to much on the species

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I'd also be interested in buying or trading live or dead Cotinis mutabilis as well

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Sometimes beetles can seem rare when conditions are not ideal. I will not be selling anything unless you are willing to wait until next year for the order to be shipped, but advice is free:

1. Find a ripe fruit tree or use a generous helping of of bait (see link above). Keep in mind that softskinned/cracked fruits should be used, because they can barely chew (despite reports that they devour leaves).

2. Expect handfuls and handfuls of Cotinis. If you don't, ask me.


It's strange, after the peach tree's fruit season ended most of the C. mutabilis have seemingly disappeared from my area. They are strong fliers and have probably relocated themselves. Also, there is advice for the grapevine beetle and a few other species in that link.


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