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Where are they hiding?

Guest AlexW

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I've slowly realized that when insects are not seen they are usually camouflaged, hidden, or restricted to certain areas.

Recently I haven't found very many new interesting things, despite flipping rocks in the yard, going on night expeditions, and smearing peach/foodpellets all over the conk-infested tree. I feel like I've exhausted every trick in the book, but I'm sure they are hiding somewhere because I've rescued them as rare visitors from the swimming pool. Any tips for catching beetles and other things when you're having trouble locating them? I've even tried a few unusual methods I invented, like following wasps to find their prey.

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Sometimes you will get better luck if you go to a forest or grassland, sometimes out of state. I also find that when your looking for something you can't find it, and when your not looking for it it shows up lol

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