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Cheap Dubias! *limited quantities, so hurry* :)

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Posted by Lindsay on 1/2/2007, 2:04 am

I need to get rid of around 1000-1500+ dubia nymphs, all sizes. Would prefer to sell as one lot, but will consider 2-3 lots of 500+ if there is no offer for all. I have had several e-mails in the past couple months asking for dubias. Unfortunately I had none really available and to sift through all those e-mails would be very time consuming. So I am posting another ad and going by a first come/pay first serve basis. So hurry while there is some still in stock

1500+ for $185


500+ for $90

1000+ for $140

The prices have increased by $10 since last ad because of winter reproduction rate etc. Still a VERY good deal I will include overcounts and probably a handful of adults if 1500 are purchased at one time.

The prices above do not include shipping. Because of the weather and the fact that I hate to send a product without a guarantee, I prefer express shipping. They will be sent with a heat pack and double boxed with insulation or in a single box with styrofoam insulation. All this is included in the shipping price. I am charging exact shipping only, that means I am not charging for the shipping supplies at this time.

You can e-mail me at:


Thank you, Lindsay


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