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1 hour ago, Tleilaxu said:

Just needs a few more things, such as heating pads, some small amount of substrate, and of course proper ventilation. 

And by soon I mean in @CodeWilster time. :P

Ooooooh, can't wait to see what you get! :D

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6 hours ago, Tleilaxu said:

Making a list, checking it twice, going to find out what @Hisserdude does not have in his inventory.

If I could have my way, I'd get three Periplaneta species.

Haha, the majority of the roaches in the hobby then! :P (I have very particular tastes in invertebrates lol). 

Just get some Periplaneta, hide them under your bed, and then surround them in other everyday "under the bed" objects, that way even if your landlord does take a peek under the bed, he/she won't find them! ;) (And if they do they have to explain why they were looking under your bed...).

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