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White frass, hisser trials?


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Hi everyone.

I picked up a couple of pairs of hissers just recently, these little guys are pretty much just ex-to-be-feeder bugs. Left in a tiny plastic bowl with a piece of dried out 'food' that these poor guys were trying to eat. When I got them home, I gave them bananas immediately, and some dog food (which, I'm realizing that was probably too much).

I have a five and a half gallon tank with coir, some rocks, a hide house from a ex-houseplant pot and some moss. I mist them daily, as the top is metal mesh and I have a fan blowing air about the room.

All of them are missing pieces, mostly antenna but one little guy is missing quite a bit of its foot. Very timid, seems pretty depressed/off and is not interested in hanging out with the four other hissers in the group. I'm holding it right now and its literally pressing its head against my fingers and firmly attached to my palm.

I had one hisser that was producing white frass and I suspect its the one I'm holding right now.. I had read that is due to too much protein in the diet? And that it can cause gout-like symptoms. I've pulled all dog food and I've only made leafy greens available for now. Is there anything I can do for this guy assuming he'll be alright? I haven't seen any white frass for the last couple days, just some exos from the isopods, but that's not to say it hasn't been hidden in the coir.


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