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Hisser/Dubia hybrids??

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I'm new to this forum but needed to post this somewhere because to be honest I'm really bamboozled right now.


I got my first pet cockroaches about a year ago, two male Madagascar hissers. Last August or so one died, so I went online and ordered 5 more males to keep the survivor company. They sent me 4 males, a female, and a female dubia. I emailed the seller and they were honestly quite amazing, offered to let me ship any females I didn't want for free and send replacement males. Just wanting some pets and not a multiplying colony, I sent back the female hisser but kept the dubia thinking hissers and dubias won't breed. They sent two replacement males, leaving me with 7 males and a female dubia by September 1st.


Fast forward to now, the second original male hisser also died but I still have the 6 new males and the dubia. The hissers bully each other sometimes but as a whole everyone gets along quite nicely. Yesterday I went to feed them and lo and behold, there's 15 or so little baby nymphs! I look at my dubia and she's still a little "open" (I don't know the correct terminology) so they were clearly hers. I isolated her and all the nymphs I could find but now I'm wondering... How??


I never hear of dubia/hisser hybrids but unless she had a 5 month gestation period and I aquired her pregnant... That's what I have. I still don't know what I'm going to do with them all because I still don't want an ever-multiplying colony but I'll figure something out because I must say the babies are so darn cute and I'm quite attached to the dubia.


Thanks for reading, sorry this was long. Has anyone else had something similar happen?

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Hissers can't interbreed with dubias, they aren't even in the same subfamily. Your dubia female must have been mated when you got her, (they can retain sperm for a long time), and conditions must have been substandard for breeding, which likely prolonged her gestation period. For example, if you were keeping them in the high 60s or low 70s, then that would increase the amount of time needed to gestate by a LOT!

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35 minutes ago, Marlon said:

@Hisserdude  don't ruin our first chance to have genuine Dubissers !!! :o  HISSBIA FANS UNITE!  

I vote we try to GMO them to glow in the dark too.

Just manipulate their dna and add a bit of Pyrophorus genes in there, then you'd have glowspot-hissbia-beetles! :P

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