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FS: Rare Roaches and Isopods

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Posted by Olivia on 4/3/2007, 1:56 am


African bullet roaches - $10 for 20

Archimandrita tesselata (peppereds) - $4 each

Blaberus craniifer (black death heads - Orin McMonigle line) - $3 each

Blaberus giganteus (giant cave) - $3 each

Diploptera punctata (Pacific beetle mimic) - $10 for 20

Eublaberus distanti (six-spotted) - $10 for 20

Gyna lurida (porcelain) $4 each

Hemiblabera sp. $4 each

Henschoutedenia flexivitta (giant lobsters) - $2 each

Neostylopyga rhombifolia ( harlequins) - $10 for 20

Opisthoplatia orientalis (red and black) $3 each

Panchlora nivea (green banana) - $10 for 25

Phoetalia pallida - $10 for 20

Pycnoscelus nigra - $2 each

Rhyparobia maderae - $3 each

Rhyparobia sp. (gold) - $4 each

Schultesia lampyridiformis (firefly mimic) - $3 each


Elliptorhina chopardi (dwarfs) - $3 each

Gromphadorhina portentosa (regular) - .50 each

Gromphadorhina portentosa (giant morph) - $3 each

Gromphadorhina portentosa (black morph) - $2 each

Princisia vanwaerebecki (tiger morph) - $3 each


Orange Porcellio sp. $10/20, $20/50 adults & subadults

Dwarf white isopods $10/20, $20/50 adults & subadults

Above prices do not including shipping. 2-3 day USPS Priority mail shipping is $6. USPS Express mail (send me your zip code to confirm overnight availability) is $20. Insulated packaging is an additional $5. Heat/cold packs are provided as necessary free of charge. FedEx also available if preferred.

The buyer agrees to the following terms upon payment:

Live arrival is guaranteed for all shipments unless at any point during transit, day time temperatures or heat index exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit or night time temperatures or wind chill factors fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. (Shipments originate from 66223. For current weather information on 66223, please visit weather.com) If temperatures exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit or fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, overnight shipping must be selected to guarantee live arrival. Although I will make the best effort to ensure optimal packaging, the live arrival guarantee is void with any shipping method if the buyer wishes to ship when temperature en route is below 20 degrees or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Live arrival guarantee is also void if the buyer is not present to receive the package on the first delivery attempt for priority mail or overnight shipments. All DOAs must be reported by e-mail or phone within 12 hours of arrival to claim a reshipment. Proof of DOAs may be required at my discretion in the form of a photograph or returning the dead specimens at the customer's expense. Time of arrival is determined by carrier tracking. Weather information is determined by weather.com. Shipping fees are non-refundable.

No sales to Arizona, Florida, or outside the United States.

Thank you for looking!


Link: www.BugChick.com

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