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Hey everybody!


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Hi there I've been a long time lurker of the forums but recently became more interested in actively participating in this hobby 

i currently own around 100+ species of roaches ranging from your run of the mill feeders to species rarely kept and even more rarely seen!

my goal here is to get these rare species into peoples hands so we don't run the risk of losing any species from the us hobby as well as supplying my own base of knowledge collected over rearing so many of these neat little Arthropods ? 

soon I'll be posting a for sale list with a few neat species on there and I commonly have things posted on the us invert auction Facebook page so be sure to stay tuned for those!

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Welcome man, was wondering if you'd ever make a formal introduction post. ? 

Awesome goals; I haven't come across many hobbyists as dedicated as you are and I would certainly say that the future of the many rare species you own rest in excellent hands! ?

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