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Sweet chunks for Cockroaches :-P


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Hello friends,

Cockroaches love sweet... I feed all of my colonies very often with homemade sweet croquette... and I really recommend it ?

I try all the time with new ingredients, but the base of my recipe is:

-Chicken feed // Cat food (I pass the cat food through the blender to get a powder ?)
-Soy Milk in powder
-Honey (...A lot, but not enough to make the texture 'sticky')
-Eggs (with the honey works very well as a binder)

Mix it all while you cook over low heat until you get the texture you want. But be careful!!! Sticky texture is very dangerous for tiny cockroaches.

Then I use to use an ice mold to prepare the portions and then keep it in the fridge (...let them reach room temperature before offering to your roaches ? )

I use to add something different every time to the mixture... like powder milk, dry grapes (or other dry fruits), meat (already cooked without seasoning)... etc.

Tasty!! ?

Xenoblatta_0014_Firma copia 12


Xenoblatta_0013_Firma copia 11


Xenoblatta_0012_Firma copia 14


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Have you tried freezing these for longer shelf life? I usually spend a month or two traveling each year, during which time my SO has to care for all my bugs. I've been looking for an inexpensive yet healthy food that will save for a month or longer. 

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