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Surinam roaches

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Do you even bother to offer cork bark to surinam roaches? They seem to be buried all the time, even the adults. Now I wonder if I really need any cork bark or wood for them. I have a nice piece of cork bark in their enclosure and if they don't really use it then I could just use it in another enclosure. How do you keep yours? Thanks

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Well... I used to use barks in the enclosures of Pycnoscelus spp. but it happened the same... They barely use them if all in the substrate is going well (no overpopulation) ? Sometimes the barks even appeared completely  buried in the substrate (I guess for the high activity of the roaches under it)

At this moment I just keep them with a good layer of a light substrate (not less than 20 cm)... no food or water dishes, only substrate, and they are doing really well ? 

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Surinams for months, just a little substrate and dump in whatever food you want. They ate almost everything.  But I kept them in a very small enclosure and it went from damp to wet, and I started losing them.  Basically keep in semi-damp substrate, not wet, and no more than 50% roaches to substrate should be ok.  I moved them when the substrate had turned to mud and I had lost 30%.  Moved to a huge container... the gnats invaded.  Last check I couldn't find any so I might be looking for more soon.  Can't let gnats out... hate those things.  Actually I probably still have them in there somewhere... they seemed very resilient.  Loved how they ate everything and didn't want to escape.  

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