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Any roach species you mix?

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Sorry I'm new here, not sure how many times this has been asked... im just curious if any of you mix species and if so which? I keep GBR and surinams together with no problems that I can tell. I also have a smaller bin that I keep upstairs at my 'feeder deck' to be gutloaded and fed off over the next few weeks. I keep a mix of dubia, orangehead, ivoryhead, and any other non climbers in that. 

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Hello @Jimbobtom

I don't recommend you to keep Eublaberus posticus and Eublaberus sp. "Ivory" together... It is better to avoid any possibility of hybridisation, even if you are going to use them as feeders, there is some risk in the practice... some of them accidentally could be putted back into the breeder container and contaminate the genetics of the others.

I keep many of my colonies in community, some examples are:

Lamproblatta albipalpus + Periplaneta australasiae
Lamproblatta cf. gorgonis + Xestoblatta sp. 
Lamproblatta cf. ancistroides + Ischnoptera rufa 
Blaberus cf. discoidalis + Blaptica dubia
Ischnoptera rufa (again) + Anaplecta parva
Lanxoblatta cf. lata + Diploptera punctata
Phortioeca phoraspoides + Elliptorhina chopardi


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Interesting I wouldn't have thought they could hybridize. Learn something new everyday hah. I don't keep them in there long term, I go out to the garage every few weeks and grab a few dozen for that bin and feed them high quality food to be fed off. They dont get a chance to breed or anything like that. And I dont put them back in the main colonies.


Thanks for the list of species you mix, glad to hear that it works well for some.

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15 hours ago, Jimbobtom said:

I wouldn't have thought they could hybridize

Well... I'm not sure species of Eublaberus could hibridize, but neither I'm sure they couldn't ?

B.dubia + E.posticus + some other non-climbers like Shelfordella lateralis or Pycnoscelus femapterus (Only adult males are climbers) sounds good for a gutload container :-)


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