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Title is weird but I figured it's better than another awkward "hi". 

But. Hi. I'm Mini, or that's what I go by at least, and honestly I only signed up to ask one question. Maybe two. But I have lurked for a while. And after this I'll probably just quietly go back to lurking. So. Yeah. Sorry for the awkwardness. 

Anyway. I know this question would be better suited for the "enclosures" subsection, but the introduction suggestions did prompt newbies to ask questions in their intros. So. 

I'm just wondering if this [the largest] would be okay for a single American cockroach to live in, and if not, what would be? And is okay for her to be alone, or do I need to find more somewhere? 

These are probably stupid questions, but I'm not knowledgeable on roach care in the slightest. If you've got any care guides or manuals, would appreciate linking me to them. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Welcome! No worries, I was simply a lurker for a while there too. lol

It is indeed large enough for a single roach and even the smallest size would do. You would need to add some Vaseline or another barrier around the top though to keep it from escaping if it's small enough to fit through and/or it's a WC adult female that could be pregnant and have young. You would also probably need to mist every day or so since American roaches should never have their substrate dry out, especially in habitats with high ventilation such as these.

The "Care Guides" section on Roachcrossing.com contains a good general husbandry guide and "For the Love of Cockroaches" goes into great depth on many aspects of their care as well as detailing individual species. Other than that though, this great community of roachers are usually pretty good at answering questions as well. ;) 


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