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Hi all! I realized that I haven't introduced myself yet. I've been into the roach hobby for a little over a month so far. I really love learning about them! Right now I have two adult hissers and two Simandoa Conserfariams nymphs. The adults I bought as is, because I didn't have that much patience to wait for a nymph to grow up lol. I thought hissers would be a good start. I got the Simandoas online after I realized how cool they were! They're my favorite roach as of right now. One of them already shed once, I'm pretty happy about that! 

I'd like to get a few more of each eventually. I have them both in spacious containers, it's hard to see much activity with only two roaches in each container, and they never eat all the food I give them (does this sound like a good selling pitch for my girlfriend? lol)

I'm excited to meet you all and make some friends! Also feel free to give me any advice, whether it be in general or for the Simandoas. I'm kinda interested in breeding Simandoas eventually. They seem to grow pretty slowly but they seem like a very rewarding species to raise. 

Anyway, I look forward to talking to everyone here!

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